Orange You Going nude This Summer? The MAC All about Orange Cremesheen Glasses believe You should

MAC double happiness Cremesheen Glass, $20
Everyday nudes…

A phrase like that might mean a few different things. It might refer to the billboard down the street from my brother’s apartment in SF that reads, “Touch Our Junk.”


(I’m quite sure it doesn’t mean junk of the discarded/reused/recycled variety.)

It might likewise refer to eminently wearable nude glosses — the kind you’ll happily wear over as well as over.

I nude gloss…


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

This time of year, I like it even more than usual since it’s just swipe as well as go. You can’t get much lower maintenance than that.

Double Happiness, Imperial Light as well as Rising sun Cremesheen Glasses
If your boo comes house from work early one random afternoon as well as says, “Eff this workaday crap, babe! Let’s go be beach bums in Hawaii,” nude glosses are great for times like that… Matte red lips just don’t go keeping that scenario.

Christina Aguilera might most likely pull off matte red lips, a vintage tankini as well as water wings, however me? Çok değil. I’d look like the primary event in an underwater circus.

Double happiness Cremesheen Glass
Yet one more of the many benefits of nude glosses…

A few days back while rifling with my bag for the chocolate I keep stashed “for emergencies” (don’t front, I you understand you do this too), the only nude glosses in my handbag were the new Cremesheen Glasses ($20 each) from MAC All about Orange.

Imperial Light Cremesheen Glass, $20

In less than a week, they muscled my routine rat pack of beige as well as pink glosses out of the way.

If you’ve ever used coral and/or peach glosses as well as thought, “Ooh! That’s cute,” I bet you’ll likewise like these.

Rising sun Cremesheen Glass, $20
Double happiness is the lightest, most unique as well as most likely the nudest of the three. Imperial Light as well as Rising sun are darker, however for some reason look extremely much alike on my pigmented lips.

Doesn’t take anything away from them, though. I believe they’re still juicy as well as delicious.

Swatches from the left: double Happiness, Imperial Light as well as Rising Sun
Doğan güneş
Imperial Light
As for wear time, if I slick one of these on after my morning coffee, I have to reapply well before lunch, however that’s not a huge deal. They feel straight-up remarkable on my lips — moisturizing, non-sticky, smooth, as well as they have MAC’s signature vanilla flavor as well as scent.


That’s some kick-@ss comfort right there.

Fiyat: her biri 21 $
AVAILABILITY: offered now online, as well as coming June 6 to MAC stores as well as counters
MAKEUP as well as beauty blog RATING: A

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