Deborah Lippmann nail color in Stronger, produced With Kelly Clarkson

shine galore!
Ever considering that I saw Kelly Clarkson do online last year (it was at this odd complimentary show for the grand opening of a Microsoft store) I’ve been a not-so-secret superfan.

She was so great live. Seriously, woman can sang!


Stronger isn’t my preferred one of her tunes (that would be Don’t Rush), however it’s in my top five. It’s one of my exercise anchor tunes since it gets me with the last five minutes on the treadmill.

Whatever it takes!


Kelly assisted Deborah produce this tenacious, vivacious violet with vibrant pieces of hexagonal glitter, as well as Kelly even used it to the 2013 Grammy Awards.

It’s incredibly sparkly…! I utilized two coats for these swatches, however one looks good, as well (just has less glitter).

It’s offered now for $19 on the internet as well as at Deborah Lippmann counters.

Daha güçlü!
Two coats…

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