The Maybelline overall Temptation shadow + highlight combination Is Coco-Nuts for Pigment as well as staying Power

using the new $14.99 Maybelline overall Temptation shadow + highlight combination on my lids as well as cheeks
What do you believe about a combination that smells like coconuts? Are you intrigued as well as totally tempted? As a “food enthusiast,” I am, however when I sniff the new $14.99 Maybelline overall Temptation shadow + highlight Palette, as well as I truly get my nose up in it, the coconut isn’t almost as strong as it is in Maybelline’s overall Temptation Mascara, which seems type of strange to me…

I dunno why, however I just expected the powder products to odor more coco-nutty than the mascara. It’s most likely from the years of opening compacts as well as smelling roses or violets or gardenia or vanilla, or whatever else has been the scent du jour. I’m conditioned.


Or, perhaps I’m just hungry as well as desire these eyeshadows as well as highlighters smelled like coconut macaroons.

Maybelline overall Temptation shadow + highlight Palette
Part of the Maybelline overall Temptation product family

The listing cost is $14.99, so it’s a bit costly for drugstore, as well as it’s part of Maybelline’s new overall Temptation line, which is offered on Amazon now (the Amazon cost for the combination is $9.49) as well as coming to drugstores next month.

There are eight powder eyeshadows as well as two powder highlighters split into two groups.


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

One side of the combination has warm browns, peaches as well as golds, as well as the other has great mauve, violet as well as charcoal shades.

Maybelline overall Temptation shadow + highlight combination swatches

Drugstore palettes have come a long way!

Total Temptation is a textbook example of exactly how far drugstore high quality has come over the past few years. I’ve been using drugstore makeup for… Well, let’s just state that it’s been a looong time as well as leave it at that.

This combination compares well to pricier products from MAC as well as metropolitan Decay. Like, you get a great deal of pigment, even with one or two layers. Plus, your wrists can take it easy, since you won’t have to spend eons blending the crap outta your edges, as well as you can even avoid that midday touch-up.

I inspected my makeup after seven hours with this on my lids as well as cheeks as well as was like, “Yeah, that’s not going anywhere,” since it appeared like I’d just used it.

Maybelline overall Temptation shadow + Highlight
Maybelline overall Temptation shadow + Highlight
How finely milled are the powders?

So, why not just save the $$$ as well as go all-in with drugstore eyeshadows then?

You could, as well as a great deal of people do. It depends upon the product, however I do generally feel that the finest powders around are from department store brands, as well as the more costly an eyeshadow is, the finer as well as more delicate the grains of powder.

As an over-30 person (OK, over 40!), this is a huge deal, since smaller grains don’t settle into lines as eagerly as bigger grains do.

Even within the drugstore category, I believe the pricier the palette, the finer the grains, as well as overall Temptation is somewhere in the middle, with grains that are finer than bargain basement drugstore powders, however larger than Chanel.

Depending on your skin, you may or may not notice a difference at all. I mean, if you’re 20 as well as you can’t see your pores as well as don’t have any type of lines (enjoy it while you can, kid), no huge deal, however if you’re in your 30s, 40s as well as up, any type of fine line action on your lids will be more obvious, unless you spend at least a few additional minutes doing that windshield wiper movement as well as making those bit circles to buff the grains down as well as get rid of any type of powdery-ness.

Maybelline overall Temptation shadow + highlight Palette
The final word

This is a high quality combination for the cost as well as a excellent option for teens, tweens as well as most 20- somethings. as well as the 30-somethings as well as up, yeah, you can pull it off, too, however you’ll have to do more buffing as well as blending.

Desperately seeking smoothie recipes (and Chanel at Costco)

Spinach + cucumber + apple + lemon + pineapple
You guys, I’m getting to that smoothie tipping point — you know, that location where if you have one more of the exact same spinach smoothie you’ve been making for months, you’re going to gag, so I’m searching for new methods to work the eco-friendly stuff into my diet.

I just bought a significant tub of spinach for smoothies from Costco last weekend, as well as I don’t wanna squander it. If you have a spinach smoothie that you love, please share. My body thanks you in advance.

Oh, as well as speaking of Costco, I just discovered out that the one in myŞehir şimdi Chanel (!) Teklifler.

Peki, bu sadece Le Lift Chanel’in bu kavanozuydu. Krema ile 99 $ (’da 165 $), yine de.

Artık COSTCO’yu kapatabilir ve XXL boyutlu kruvasan kutunuzla CHANEL elde edebilirsiniz!
Bir kart masasında bir kart masasında bir kavanoz yığını, bazı rastgele koç ve Prada çantaları ile birlikte.


Hiç Chanel Costco’da gördünüz mü? Bu benim için çok ilk oldu.

Dost canlısı topluluk güzellik bağımlısı,


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