Makeup Lovers…We’re All Artists! (And a Peek at the MAC eL Seed Collection in Action)

feeling like an ahrr-teest
I’ve had painting on the brain lately for two reasons — one, since I’ve been costs virtually every totally free moment at house Depot since we’re planning some much-needed repair work as well as updates to the home this summer, including painting the location from top to bottom, since when El Hub as well as I bought our location as well as moved in about a decade ago, we had no concept what we were doing. We were first-time homeowners, as well as the whole process was (and still is kinda) a mystery. We painted the interior with a flat finish, however flat surface is not your buddy when you online with a young child and/or a perpetually ravenous tabby who eats with reckless abandon as well as gets gravy splashes on the walls. choose eggshell, homie. Eggshell is the way! It’s so much simpler to clean.

The second reason I’ve had painting on the brain lately is since of the new MAC eL Seed collection, which is coming out in a few days. It’s one of those LE releases that just feels so artsy to me, which I assumption makes sense because it’s a partnership with an artist. eL Seed is a Tunisian graffiti artist who was increased in Paris, as well as he’s well-known for integrating Arabic script with graffiti.


It provided me the desire to paint! — as well as not just since of the beautiful eye as well as deal with palette…

The Cicero full deal with Kit, which is mainly eyeshadows as well as two blushes (the pink shades)
It’s the brushes.

Ooh, the brushes… They’re unusually long for makeup brushes.


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

They look like legitimate painter’s brushes to me.

I was doing makeup with them the other day as well as got to believing about exactly how I fail to remember all the time that makeup truly *is* painting. When you believe about it, it’s so much like what painters do when they put clean to canvas. You’ve got your pigments as well as paint, as well as when you sit down to buff as well as blend whatever on the blank canvas that is your face, you paint a short-term work of art. Bu çok havalı!

Funny thing is, I never truly believed of myself as an “art person.” When I was in high school, I was in band as well as played every instrument under the sun, so I was a overall music nerd, as well as I was likewise on the newspaper, however the last true art class I took was in eighth grade (which I got a B+ in, by the way!). That’s the prolong of my art training.

Swatches of the Cicero full deal with set (the two pink shades are blushes) as well as three of the Lipsticks — Declaring like (pink), Maya La Belle (red) as well as Une Caresse (plummy brown)
So I don’t believe of myself as an artist, however makeup is art! For a few minutes (almost) every day, as I’m painting my lids as well as my lips as well as whatever else, I get to be in touch with my inner eighth-grade artist, or rather, ahr-teest.

Cicero full deal with set ($66), Lipsticks ($19.50 each) as well as the clean Bag set ($49.50)

Maya La Belle (a matte bright orangey red), Declaring like (a matte, bright awesome pink) as well as Une Caresse (a matte, cool, filthy plum brown)

And you understand what else is very cool? There’s so much flexibility in makeup as art. We can utilize as much color or as bit as we want, depending upon exactly how we feel that day. We can go subtle, or we can go bold, as well as the next morning, the canvas is blank once again as well as prepared to opt for one more piece of daily art that we get to show the world.

Did this in 20 minutes!


To think, we have that much flexibility to reveal ourselves, as well as the possibilities are endless!

Dost canlısı topluluk cazibesi bağımlısı,


The MAC eL Seed collection, offered on the MAC site in north america April 8th as well as April 11th at choose MAC locations


Declaring like — bright awesome pink (matte)

Maya La Belle — bright orange red (matte)

Un Baiser — pinky nude (matte)

Une Caresse — awesome filthy brown/plum (matte)

Suggested Retail Price: $19.50 US

FULL deal with KIT: CICERO

Shroom Eye shadow — soft beige with shimmer (satin)

Petit Lion Eye shadow — peachy beige (matte)

Honey Lust Eye shadow — bronze-dipped peach (lustre)

Ksar Eye shadow — peach beige with pink shines (lustre)

Chott Eye shadow — platinum metal (VLXP)

Finjan Eye shadow — intense warm rosy brown (matte)

Teboulbou Eye shadow — pink/brown plum (VLXP)

Texture Eye shadow — peachy-brown with shimmer (velvet)

Gabrielle Powder blush — intense bright awesome pink (matte)

Les Portes Bleus Eye shadow — bright vibrant blue (matte)

Carbon Eye shadow — black (matte)

Handwritten — filthy warm brown (matte)

Carnal appeal — intense orange coral (matte)

Vidigal Powder blush — awesome intense pink (matte)

Matmata — indigo blue (matte)

Suggested Retail PrBuz: 66,00 ABD doları ABD

Ekstra Boyut Skinfinish

Dima’nın Glow – Sıcak Altın Pırıltılı

Önerilen Perakende Fiyatı: 36,00 $ ABD

Fırça çantası kiti

600ses – Eğimli Lipbrush

577ses – göz harmanlama temiz

578ses – Shader Fırçası

466ses açılı yanak temiz

Önerilen Perakende Fiyat: 49,50 ABD Doları ABD

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