Kentsel bozunur çıplak dumanlı palet

hakkında bilmeniz gereken 10 şeyd just as intense as it did when I applied it. I think these shadows could easily last through a 14-hour day.

As for how easily the shadows blend, that’s where things start to get a little complicated. I’ve observed that when I blend the naked Smokey shadows on top of a wetter eye primer base (the NARS pro Prime I used feels like a cream when it’s applied), they’re incredibly easy to blend. I had absolutely no trouble getting one color to merge with the next.But on top of a drier base — like the urban Decay Perversion Eye liner I buffed on my lids — they seem to catch on some areas a lot more than others. The moral of this story is that to get the smoothest gradients possible (which is one of the things you want when you’re going for a smokey eye), you’ll probably want to prep your lids with a creamy primer, and for this, NARS pro Prime works great. I’m betting that UD’s Eyeshadow primer Potion would work, too, as would a MAC paint Pot or a very creamy kohl pencil.
Basically, it seems like these shadows want a little movement and slip underneath them.

Surprisingly, fallout is minimal, especially compared to other UD naked Palettes (for real!).For this look I did my eyes before my foundation because I anticipated having to do some cleanup afterward, considering that urban Decay’s shadows are kind of popular for ended up all over the place if you’re not careful. I also purposefully chose to wear the darkest shade, Black Market, because I figured it would give me a good idea of how much fallout I’d have to contend with (a fallout barometer, so to speak). So I did my eyes, then grabbed a makeup wipe to clean up on my cheeks and under my eyes, but I was pleasantly shocked to find that there was very little to clean. It was kind of shocking, really. between this and the epic wear time, I seriously wonder if urban Decay tweaked something formula-wise.
I also kept checking throughout the day for any eyeshadow bits or bobs but didn’t see any.

Compared to UD’s other naked palettes, this one absolutely has a darker theme. a lot more of the eyeshadows are deeper and sootier. In the case of Naked, naked 2 and naked 3, they each may have had, like, one really dark shade, but I’d say that about 3/4 of naked Smoky’s shadows are in the deep/dark range.

I really like — dare I say love? — this lineup of colors. They’re flexible, but I do think the palette could use another brown because, dagnabbit, you can always use another BROWN. Yes, you may quote me on that. A mid-toned brown, lighter than Whiskey, would have made a great additional transition color (’cause I’m all about those gradients, man). but with a little improv, you can get by without it. If you want a lighter brown, just mix Whiskey with a lighter matte like Combust. That’s what I did in the look I’m wearing here.


Urban Decay naked Smoky swatches from the left: High, Dirtysweet and RadarUrban Decay naked Smoky swatches from the left: Armor, slanted and DaggerUrban Decay naked Smoky swatches from the left: Black Market, Smolder and PasswordUrban Decay naked Smoky swatches from the left: Whiskey, Combust and ThirteenWearing the new urban Decay naked Smoky palette on my eyes

I’m also wearing…

Eyes — urban Decay Perversion Eye Pencil
Lashes — Chanel Le volume de Chanel Mascara, urban Decay fast easy sexy Partial false Lashes in Instalush
Cheeks — urban Decay score After glow Blush, urban Decay strip naked Flushed Palette, urban Decay Toasted Baked Bronzer
Lips — urban Decay naked Lip Pencil, urban Decay Failbait Lip Gloss
Face — Dior Diorskin nude Air Serum in 40, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Biscuit, urban Decay naked Skin Ultra definition Powder

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