MAC Unsung Heroes: The 224 Tapered Blending clean

Pffzzt! BAM!

We have just traveled with time, you as well as I. notice the placement of the logo on my MAC 224 Tapered Blending clean ($29). Yes, that clean is 10 years old.


New brushes on top; old institution 224 on the bottom

Even though I’ve had it for a decade, I’ve only just recently ended up being very duper consumed with this soft, medium-sized, dome-shaped eyeshadow brush.

I keep in mind originally purchasing it to apply eyeshadow in the crease, which is exactly how I understand it’s utilized by numerous MACaholics, however for a long time I felt that it tended to lay down as well much color. It had been in my halfhearted, semi-regular rotation for about a year before it discovered its method to the Island of lost Tools.


Cats & makeup Sweatshirt ??


Şimdi satın al

So there it lived, on the Island of lost Tools, lonely as well as neglected for many years while I moved on to the fantabulous MAC 217. On occasion, I’d go to as well as phone call it out to assist me with some blending, however for the most part, there it stayed.

Then, someday not extremely long back (just a few weeks), I tried it with MAC Prolongwear Concealer.

Hello, awesome!

I had been utilizing a foundation clean to apply my concealer for many years utilizing the “triangle” method, a a technique I discovered from a Chanel makeup artist a while back. While it worked fantastic with creamy concealers like Time Balm, it never rather worked in addition to I’d really hoped with pro Longwear’s ultra-pigmented, liquid texture. It offered great coverage, however in some cases I believed the completed product looked heavy as well as practically mask-like.

So, someday a few weeks ago, I was in a hurry to get ready, as well as my foundation clean just occurred to be dirty. I randomly grabbed the 224 instead, utilized it to apply Prolongwear, as well as was truly amazed with the results.

The 224 plus Prolongwear provides my under-eye area the business. It’s as close to perfect as this woman gets. The fluffy, domed clean head distributes the product evenly as well as smoothly without any type of streaks.

Now I utilize the 224 all the time to apply concealer under my eyes. I never truly missed it or wished to purchase a back-up when it lived on the Island of lost Tools, however now it’s back with me.


If you’re a fan of MAC Prolongwear Concealer, or just choose liquid concealers in general, think about adding (or digging out) this Unsung Hero to your bag of makeup tricks.

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