3 ways to wear MAC’s Devil may dare

Written by Kristen of Sugar Social
Today Kristen of Sugar Social shows us a few choice ways to wear MAC Devil may Dare.

MAC’s Devil may dare eye palette, part of the Magic, Mirth, and Mischief! holiday ’09 collection, is a versatile palette stocked with six eyeshadows that can be worn on practically any skin tone. reasonably priced at $36, it’ll carry you through the winter season (and beyond) with an unlimited variety of day/evening eye looks like these.


But first, the shades!

These looks can also be created with shadows from MAC’s permanent collection. below is a list of substitutes for each shade in Devil may Dare.

Oh My Darling: Shroom

Dare Ya: Pink Venus or Da Bling

Sorcery: Embark

Gold Tease: Gleam, Motif, or Flip

Prankster: Greensmoke

Devilishly Dark: Sketch or Cranberry

Daytime look #1: Au Naturel

This look is ideal for ladies who choose something demure. It sculpts and polishes the eye without looking overly makeup-y. The shimmer in the shadows illuminates without over-depositing color. best of all, it’s very easy and quick.


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Dip a flat shadow brush (like MAC 213 Fluff Brush) in Oh My darling (the shade used as the base for all the eye looks shown here). sweep the shadow from your lashline up to the brow bone.

Dip the same brush in dare Ya, a light pink that appears neutral on many skin tones. Cover the lid with it, extending just past the outer corner of the eye. The shade looks incredible on ladies with darker skin tones. I think it illuminates the eye without overpowering the look.

Daytime look #2: Fresh and Pretty


For those who want a finished eye with much more intense (but still daytime-appropriate) color, give this look a whirl. It’s pretty and fun — not overly dark around the eye. Those who are averse to dark eyeshadow may like it as an evening look.

Dip a flat shadow brush in Oh My Darling, repeating step 1 above.

Dip a full-headed angled shadow brush (like MAC 275 medium angled shading Brush) into Prankster. starting at the center of the lash line, sweep onto the outer corner of the lid and just above the crease, stopping at the center of the eye. You’re shooting for a vertical crescent shape at the outer corner of your eye.

Using the flat shadow brush, sweep Gold Tease onto the lid, starting at the inner corner and stopping where the Prankster shadow starts. using gold shadow to fill in the blank space left by Prankster highlights and creates some definition.

Sweep on much more of the Gold Tease from the inner corner up to the start of the brow, and then down to the inner corner of your waterline.

Evening Look: Smolderingly Sexy

I think this one’s the sexiest, smokiest combination from the Devil may dare palette — undeniably dark, shot full of shimmer, and sultry to boot! It makes a terrific alternative to a conventional black smoky eye.

Dip a flat shadow brush in Oh My Darling, and sweep from the lash line to your brow bone.

Use a full-headed angled shadow brush (see step 2 above) apply Sorcery. starting at the center of the lashline, sweep onto the outer corner of the lid and just above the crease, stopping at the center of the eye. You want to create a vertical crescent shape on the outer corner of the eye.

Dip a smudging brush (like MAC 214 short Shader Brush) in Devilishly Dark. starting at the center of the lash line, work the shadow toward the outer corner, thickening the line as you go. extend to just past the outer corner, flicking the line slightly upward (reminiscent of a cat eye), which creates a hint of shimmer and definition at the outer corners of your eyes. Run the brush over the shadow a few times to smudge.

Dip the smudging brush into Devilishly Dark again and tap off the excess. starting at the outer corner, lightly smudge some shadow along your lower lids, blending as you go.

Use a flat shadow brush to sweep dare Ya onto the inner corners of your eyes. extend dare Ya to the center of the lid, where it meets up with Sorcery. lightly blend the two shades for a smoky effect.

I like to finish each of these looks with MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, a smudge-proof gel eyeliner (although I didn’t use it in these photos because I wanted to show the full effect of the shadows), and I top everything with two coats of a black volumizing mascara.

Written by Kristen of Sugar Social
This post was written by Kristen of Sugar Social. Blogger, freelance writer and cat mother to a two-year-old tabby named Bella, she’s utterly obsessed with MAC and Bobbi Brown.

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